Ami de Grazia's Quiddity.

Ami De Grazia


Daniel, un jeune Français qui va
étudier à l’Université Columbia, rejoint à New York son père américain,
Jason, et sa demi-famille paternelle, qui n’est pas des plus engageantes... Son père, pour commencer, a oublié sa venue...

Daniel, a young Frenchman bound for Columbia University, the proper and gentle son of former hippies, joins up with Jason, his New York father and his normally dysfunctional American family... To begin with, his father has forgotten his arrival...

Toni and Ishtar

A Play

The Last Days of Velikovsky

Lecture delivered on October 19, 2001 at University of Bergamo, Italy.
Conference chaired and organized by Prof. Emilio Spedicato.

Allen Ginsberg et al.:

Their Struggles Against Censorship Remembered


A short story by Ami de Grazia, a tragedy of family love and community misunderstanding in Alsatian France, recounted through the eyes of a little girl.

The Amazon Choice

- One woman's radical attempt to avoid breast cancer -

Charles Baudelaire

Five poems translated by Ami de Grazia

Jacques Brel:

Six songs translated by Ami de Grazia

Voici, traduit en français,

le Chapitre 13

du livre d'Alfred de Grazia 'The Taste of War'.

"Hillpeople Rap Band" of Chris de Grazia

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