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(November 1964 to First Half of 1965)

Gorgias = Nothing exists. If it did, it couldn't be communicated. If it could be communicated, it wouldn't be understood!


A Comparison of the Philosophy, Logic, and Procedures of Inquiry into the Behavior of Animate and Inanimate Objects.

1. The first law of Newton and the first law of communication

2. The second principle of Thermodynamics and the [iron] law of oligarchy

3. The law of weather and the law of war

4. The principle of relativity and the principle of ditto (relativity)

5. The construction of the Verrazano bridge and the setting up of an administrative agency.

6. What difference does "animation" make? The Unity of Science.

7. The human side of science and the science side of humanity

8. Pure and Applied Science

9. The unity of the science of science and its great need.

10. Conclusions.

January 1965

Political scientists are of uncertain disposition with regard to the meaning and effects of structure. Cf. apportionment, rules re school teachers having degree in education, etc. On the one hand as Pen Herring said to me "we don't pay much attention to structure any more." On the other hand a lot of mush-mouthed and hound dog baying about the principles of the constitution, the rule of administration, the law says this and the law says that, etc.

February 1, 1965

To do April 1, 1965

Ordinary tasks: Write book reviews and Topics and Critiques (2) 8 hours

Tighten ABS administration 27

Do personal income tax 10

Pursue Lectures at NYU (27 lectures) 54

Carry on business and personal correspondence 36

Special tasks:

1. Settle Economists issues and assure writers

2. Submit to NSF project on communication in the sciences

3. Submit letter - proposal of double book to Gumm

4. Enlist committee and make application on American Image project

5. Submit proposal on Ref. Retrieval Systems in Intl Affairs to Sloan

6. Pursue Humanities s Science Issue with 20th CF

7. Submit publication support proposal to NSF

8. Distribute State Department Pilot Codex

9. Ready front matter and contents and submit International Affairs Codex I to press

10. Supervise advertising and promotion (distribute articles) of Codex Series

11. Clean up Congress Book

12. Do apportionment policy-science article "On p. s. of app'ing legislatures"

13. Send in Ford Foundation end of P. A. project report at NYU

14. Write article on URS for Doc. Inst. speech

15. Prepare European office proposal to Bill Nagle (US State Department)

16. Get Macauley to act on Summer project, Facts of Life Volume, Social Invention, etc.

17. Pull together and order for action all unpublished AdG mss.

18. Fix Index and publish New Studies Book

19. Prepare Metron 6-systems prospectus

20. See Xerox Ch of Bd with Alfred Appel

21. Write and pursue Map Codex with Milburn

22. See Dryfoos re financing

23. Visit various financial possibilities (see List) on investment (15)

24. Ship to NYC and reorganize all files

25. Begin sales visits on country codexes and field codexes

26. Continue (resume) Journal

27. Write poetry

28, Initiate South American Arts/Science Conference with Rod Rockefeller

29. Write article on classification for Sills (Encyclopedia of Social Sciences)

30. Prepare itinerary and approach prospects for World trip.

February 5, 1965 Friday

Lasswell sets up 8 categories of value: power, wealth, respect, rectitude, well-being, enlightenment, skill, affection. they are confusing and static. yet they make more sense than many other classification, some of which lack detail (e. g. Freud's life and death instincts, or ego, superego and id), other which are ambiguous, theoretically dubious, unrelated to dynamics of behavior (e. g., Hadley Cantril's dozen desires of man, which he apprised me of the other day.

However, some alterations of Lasswell's scheme may open up the way to greater clarity and use. I get the following

Wealth = 1) consuming (ourselves)

2) deciding about future consumption or other people's consumption

These are quite distinct. The use of the gerund will help us to activate and target the goal-centered behavior of men.

In sequence? Or is there a life sequence? No! There is present from the beginning of life the mechanisms of the whole set:

We postulate: (Making)



Loving [those seven categories in a circles connected by arrows]




From the Self to the others: As infant develops and life career progresses, he enters one after another setting. It is these settings that give shape to the activities above and give the social sciences their individual definitions.

February 6, 1965

My Categories:


Making ) Respecting )

Deciding ) Valuing ) Appreciating

Living ) Doing Knowing

Loving )

The elements of my system appear more distinct. Thus the "deciding" which is a [loye] reason for wealth is with the "deciding" of power politics. Also, "valuing" seems to get at the essence of rectitude yet clears it up. Valuing is not intrinsically present in power, respect, living, activity. Making is the base of skill; the skill of [2] is mixed enlightenment + making. The product of the operation under the Lasswellian system is confused with the operation. yet the operation can represent a different valuing activity than the product! Under my system, the product is a social thing; it takes its form from its setting. For instance, deciding brings wealth sometimes but it can also bring (and joyfully) poverty. Valuing can bring change from wealth to power as the object.


"Reasons" why "methodology" may not be regarded as a xxx

What are the major sets of Meth-behavior?

* * * * *

Music may be copied and published by computer. The sounds emerging from an orchestra can be audited mechanically, distinguished, put on tape, printed out as notes, tempi, and all other signs and then replayed by a musical group.

* * * * *

February 25, 1965

The deficit of Metron from now to March 31, is calculated at $9,000. It is a desperate time for the ABS, the Universal Reference System and all my ideas and money and work that are tied up in them. I must do nothing in these next weeks not likely to help keep the ship afloat financially. Yesterday, I lunched splendidly with Arnold Zurcher at the Rockefeller Center Luncheon Club. While we drank and ate he explained what was happening to my application to the Sloan Foundation for $7,500 to prepare a URS Codex on economic affairs. He had expected favorable action, and had circulated the request among the staff. One of the staff members wrote boldly across the copy "No" and attached a copy of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' article attacking the ABS story of the Velikovsky case. Arnold feels that this may cause the application to fail. I mailed him my reply to the Margolis travesty last evening.

The New York Chapter of the American Documentation Institute met last night at the New York Academy of Science. I spoke after the banquet on the Universal Reference System. The occasion was pleasant, the response to the System cordial.

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