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Notes on Indian visit - December 28, 1963 to January 10 ?, 1964 [Probably written Jan. 1, 1964]

Tuesday = New Year's Eve

Yesterday New Year's Eve. Balloon. Flotation. Whiskey. Letter to Stephanie.

[Spectator] creation

[wages] and coverings

Indian/English meals

money-changers and the economy

income tax payers

[crosses] demanding socialism

Sense of population (4 million Bombay)

Counterfeiting of drugs

King's Gate from Queen's Hotel

(Pallavas bunder -- Gateway to India)

Lack of fish

[Chronite], population, low cost of living and absolute poverty laws

Landscape TV program

Hindu rich in manners poor in material culture

cf US and non-communication societies

cf Cuba and S. A. Indians

Relativity of standard of living concept

Wednesday [January 1, 1964] to Poona. Getting up and going

List of things I like about India


masterfulness of Sikhs

Tenderness of children

slow ceiling fans



women on roadwork

Palms and hills coverings

factory belt in Bombay suburbs

Sikhs - taxi cab colony

traffic tie up and primitive road building

Driver's behavior

Hazlett's Institute of American Studies

Movies (propaganda value)

Prof. Kuhn of Columbia University (Turkey)

Thursday [January 2, 1964]

Up at seven to birds (Kulit?) crows

8. Breakfast, resumed conversation with Professor Kuhn

9. Around town searching curios dealer, how his house looked . Curios dealer - objects bought, method of proceeding, lack of bargaining.

Sindhi's - family - what else about them

The caste system in India

Returned to meet Richard Lambert - invited to lunch

Lady at hostel - her meanness

Lambert's UNESCO - more on India's problem, Indian characters, prohibition, conditions any better? Difficulty in studying birth control and sterilization (60,000 in the province of lower class usually after 4 sons.

erase roots official relations with people

Moguls repeating itself.

Lack of creatable and creative publics in India

Visit to Bohhale Institute - economics - building - stink of piss - clever conversationalists

rise of Indian lower classes.

In car. Merchant telling of his views on decline of lower middle classes, more on income

Return trip - more on sex behavior in India, lesbians, prostitutes

Stops briefly at straw village and mud and thatch village

Road traffic into Hongkong. Sikh driving.

merchant on alcoholic drinks and what they are good for.

Dinner - lady with strong sensual face and body. glad to see

\Walk after dinner - beggars and approach - copra bag

Joke with Chinese over inability to buy chinaware

To bed at ll PM

Friday [January 3, 1964]

Lateness of mails. Federalism galleys, Intro by Lavid, reread my mimeo paper, worked on glossary, Lambert on representation. 3 problems . Notes on the Multiple groupings. Sikh comment)

Sheaf of papers - Chester arrives - Dwinels coming. Quick consultation - new topic chairman (me)

Bought jacket and book Kamasutra - nuisance of tickets

Decided to say in Hotel


Talked - Res. Asst. lady, Dept. head, Daniji (Sassoon library)

Family next room - girl and boy looking like girl

Pianist team

Connors (G. W.) experiment in 1 year abroad 14 countries 3500 + 1500 14 / 4 staff

University of the seven seas

New York Times

More on prostitution in Bombay - the bothersome study (why is Bombay not lively and if not Bombay certainly not rest of India.)

Paul / Myna - Skisha

Coil floor coverings.

Second Monday

Dawn at 6:30 faint and trembling purple over the whole western sky enveloping the Arabian Sea.

Arose uncomfortably from a few hours' sleep. The cot seems hard. The street noises were many. The feast of the night before. Thoughts of cigarette smoking and age. Age 46 or 46. Really 44. Means little. Everything seems to take more time than it should.

Meeting - propelled to speak first

Other studies

Afternoon chairmanship

Ed Shils


Norton Long (asked re Sam Eldersveld)

Gin drinks at Chapman's

Krebiozin and Nation Corp. (special issue possibility)

Dinner at Taj and home to bed.


The man with monkeys and dog

The dull beginning - inaugural session - difficulty in getting there.

Among the present - Chester - Long Eldersveld - McKenzie - Ostergaard - Dasttur - Martins - et al. Last minute changes, arrivals, hotels (stayed at Sea Green)

The Indian intelligentsia and Indian people

The afternoon papers - summing up

Village - caste - politics in India

Dances 6:15 - 7:45 = classical; folk Punjabi; enticements and drums

Drink and dinner with Martins. General conversation, deaths (V. O. [Key], [Paul] Appleby, [Louis] Brownlow) Bed at 10:30


Up at 7:15. News (Pope in Jerusalem) (Hair of the prophet).

Gathering for the trip to Elefanta (why name?). Roscoe surly but still a delay. Group behavior. Trip by launch (Bombay harbor). Climb up incline and steps; staves (atoms, ships, gas)

Bought - the Temples carved in the rock. massive

Series - Siva - family - character of Siva

Refreshments - bananas, temple oranges, cashews, coca-cola and cigarette. Return


Nap in sun



Dinner at Damjis (Rashmi Mayur's sister)

pan again. Guests present - describe dinner. Whirl around family settings.

Friday - last day of Conference

Morning - shopping with Miss Mayria of the Political Science Department. She has good taste. All of women in department have same starting with Miss Destur. Mevria drives her car. She writes re Sokarno. I tell her Sokarno story. Later she reacts. I buy garnets, beads and necklace, 200 R. Damji is waiting for lunch. Argue over presents and Shah coming to airport. Meeting at 2:30. Sonia reports on State of political science teaching in India. A few unimportant comments. Tedious closing talks. Pandit, Chester (divide at [umgeeso] - tricky type). Rector, go to hotel, set up drink gin with H. S. from States. I tell him of plan to go to Juhu tomorrow. He tells me he was there and story of meeting girl (daughter of Sheik Abdullah and Indian (4 wines)). Her name Shikari who takes him home for night by taxi last week. He hasn't seen her since after making appointment but he is relieved. Note that Indians reasonably break off communications when they become difficult, even at their own cost (taxi driver) but others persist desperately. Bob McKenzie insults - Need for reinforcement psychologically of Indians.


Worked on Congress book. General theory reinforced by Indian experience.



Martins ( lunch with)

Dinner - Vice Chancellor - talk with Rector's wife (MD)

Stoetzel afternoon - on latent structure analysis

- Norton Long

- Bob McKenzie

Offices of Cable Corporation of India

Cricket Club - Friend of Damji re Indian economy (Product "X")

(missed reception of Governor)

3 letters arrived, Paul, Stephanie, Jill.

Second Thursday (India ?)

Newspaper - 63,000 rice mill owners being nationalized. Banks, Socialism, and "The Public"

Uniqueness of Indian problems

The big question of one day (see my notes)

Lunch at Phillips Beadley [Bradley?]

Cocktails at Chapmans. present: Chester on problems of IPSA

Mayor - receptions (too many) (Muslim)

Leadership Remarks

Leadership Semantics: Leadership is the world of group sociology turned around so that the side showing permits observations of individuals. Implicit and explicit hope is that thus leaders can be controlled (and group) and created.

In the History of Individual Civilizations there seems to be a progression of attitudes towards leadership:

Magic - the treatment of leaders as gods and the execution of results without attention to causes.

law - the qualification of leaders by vote, learning and non-empirical deductive applications

Science: the qualification of leaders by their management of human relations for desired goals.

[Marginal note:] 3 minutes. [probably notes on what to say in 3 minute comment at meeting] Congress is a group of universes - America is run by lawyers - Old group of bureaucracy and legalistic.

New Science of Leadership -

1) Without disciplinary confinement

2) Maintains constantly the distinction between pure and applied science.

(e. g. of the division of labor in India and the division of labor according to Adam Smith)

3) Concerns itself with understanding leadership in order to control it. especially with req. to magical leadership.

4) Seeks to provide a set of procedures reliably calculated to produce desired effects. This means a detailed, empirical and experimental analysis of leadership in natural or artificial settings.

5) Seeks standardization. Objectification. With thereupon a number of techniques of producing people who will probably act in certain approved ways under a set of predictable conditions.

6) Applies to practical problems . Chooses problems that can be solved by additional increments of leadership resources.

7) Concerns itself in its theory with the CONTEXT of leadership.

Special recommendation for India:

1. 80% Rural: Social costs of promoting urbanization are enormous. Therefore Useful to spend most resources on local leadership.

2. Provision of adequate cadres (400,000,000; 2% = 8,000,000) assuming 1% of present activist groups OK

3. Recruitment tests

a. Affirmation of faith JOKE - PONY

b. Optimism

c. Aptitude or achievement

d. Some measure of drive

4. Curriculum

Following our principle that it is useless to sound intelligent without directions, but necessary to sound foolish with a concrete task in mind because ultimately this is what prevents one from acting foolishly.

5. Then they should be let free. No job provided, etc. The objective is to achieve a public.

6. Movement by experience / test to institutes of higher social development.

This is the kind of issue the Congress Party should be debating, not the rephrasing of the shibboleths of socialism.

I do believe this about India = it should not follow the path of English or American history, but should strike out on its own, should [listen to] what the western world minorities can tell it. Here is your great leap forward.


Difficulty between experts and laymen in communication science begins where no one is sure what they are talking about.

Science is what chooses between 2 obvious contradictory answers.

Thursday - Corporation Hall - Mayor

Latent Structure Analysis

Number of classes is not know until the sets of equations are solved.

Why Not: Thurstonian Factor Analysis

2 .0-4 Teaching 4-5 Rapporteurs

2:30 - 5 Friday

5 PM Friday Governor

Prof. Jorgen Westersthal, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Vote for Eisenhower. He is an honest Man...

Complications Great in Amm. Semantic Analysis with or without mathematical analysis

c. If so, is it not sure that a laymen can understand this.

Operational definition or procedures do not require resort to some fundamental single measuring

89% of important problems in political behavior as we know them are not to be solved by latent structure analysis

C - A = Frequency for, order with which defined phenomena occur in a universe of symbols indicates the validity of some proposition about human behavior.

Negative frequency

Huge variety of phenomena amenable to C - A, e. g. analysis of internal interviews

Finding effects of communications much more difficult than locating their frequency, form, and order.

Deducted effects - Tested effects

Effects are rarely as great as they appear to be

e. g. Stevenson's divorce

Ike's coattails

Mass Observation. What did you discuss in your last political discussion.

Eavesdropping on jurors

Use in India (but can be used with intelligentsia and bureaucracy, that runs the country.

Product "X" for India

Set specifications for a product that has a big internal market, some export market, can be worked to some extent by individual or small clusters of workers in at least 500 villages and then transported along poor roads through a steady period of time.

Assuming: Quality Control personnel in each village (esp. if foodstuffs is involved) (Is post-control by electric eye etc. possible?)

? Canning Units for fruits and vegetables

? Electronic components

? Rare earth components

The "Public" of India

Does not exist

Is being destroyed

Is India to be Fascist?


Misunderstanding of nature of public and extent and value of public.

Parties take over symbols from religious spheres

Command performances

- Taking over of non-state compulsions by quasi-statal groups

Tea Parties

- Wakes and Weddings

Virginia Vesting was both a religious and governmental group

- Communists and other particularly good at converting religious hymns to political campaign songs.

- Folk Drama

- Party Symbols (Vote the Rooster) - illiteracy - education - vote - suffrage

Suffrage / education

Social setting or set of social circumstances

Non adaptation of

January 24, 1964

Most of the best qualities of mind and judgment are subtle. They are difficult to describe and promote. They are almost always left unspoken in the culture because relatively few possess them and a conversation or public discussion of them soon becomes meaningless and incoherent. Certainly ordinary schoolteachers cannot impart them, even in the rare cases where they embody them.

Here is an important reason why advances in civilization must always be precarious. Only a small slip of the controls can destroy the predominance of these qualities and result in a precipitate decline of the quality of the whole society. The qualities cannot be institutionalized.

What are these high qualities of the person that determine the character of a civilization; the elucidation of a list is not easy.

? Fairness in interpersonal judgements?

? Use of borrowed material for the object intended?

? Working for larger goals without hope of reward?

? Sense of indirect consequences?

? Spending life-time on trivia?

? Conceding at the right moment to keep a decision or a process moving along?


On last day mention:

1. D. M. paying (financing) in Rupees

(1964 book)

Poem: on not revisiting one's place of birth

Hill Street torn down

* * * * *

Poem = sonnet to Prof. Leavis

* * * * *

Unsolved problems of the welfare state:

1. How many people are dropped between the interstices of a pluralistic society and therefore took to government as their only group?

2. How many are dissatisfied with their present groups.

3. Are non-governmental groups in fact more compulsive that the government?

4. What significant interests of society are not covered by existing and potential groups?

5. Is the political hold of a government agency as contractor tighter and more dangerous over its constituents and the country than the hold of a government office directly over its (constituents) clientele? Perhaps not, in which event government either has to run programs directly or get out entirely.

* * * * *

The President should run for one term only, of 6 years.

* * ** **

On the Death of the President in a Well-Governed Society

(all the failures of government as reflected in the recent death of Pres. Kennedy_

1. The description of what is done in utopia (a fictionalized dramatic version)

2. How it contrasts with what was done here.

3. What was avoidable, what was pardonable

4.. Why the ideal system devices

5. Changes possible and impossible.

* * * * *

Novels: Fathers to the Man Vol. I

Education Vol. II

War Vol. III

Peace Vol. IV

Love and Essence Vol. V

* * * * *

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