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To do by January 1, 1962

Design Feb. ABS


Finish Elements Chapter 16


Prepare Social Invention Syllabus

Prepare Methodology Syllabus

Prepare Political Process course syllabus

Do income tax


Film Distribution: Contemporary Films; Call Solon; Call Celia Anderson

Sell ABS

Basement remodeling

Christmas gifts

Papers to do:

1. Between legend, rumor, and reporting

2. Political activity theory

3. Election theory

4. Natural law and positive law

5. On the history of social science

6. Remembrances of an Incident

January 19, 1962, 9 AM

Commercial Advertising is shocking. Every intelligent impulse is to stifle it somehow. I do note the gloomy pleas for cancer associations, heart disease prevention societies, and dull activities on the "non-profit" radio stations. I would prefer the mostly cheerful paid ads.

How often it is man's lot to keep what he dislikes for fear of worse.

The intelligent man must learn to live with machine civilization and its companion advertising. These are collectivism, mass rule (through its manipulators, managers and ad men) over private and free minds. But once upon a time men were collectivized by fear of nature and they could much less readily choose what they would hear from their family and villagers. Do not, even now, people often turn on the radio and television to shut out the insufferable stupidity or discord of the near ones?

January 19, 1962 3 PM

The law of leverage:

| /

| /

The | /

"nut" | /


Time 1 Time 2

in business - stock block - influence elsewhere

in politics - small bloc of votes - influence elsewhere

i. e. a relatively small compact base or "nut" position can be and is pyramided extensively

cf. Rockefeller's oil companies, etc.

cf. ward leader, etc.

cf. small money man, big money man, and manipulator

January 20, 1962

If humanities should really be classified generally as social science, and the differences between social and natural science are not sufficient to create qualitative absolute barrier, then given ONE SCIENCE, how should it be divided.

January 29, 1962

There are no new laws to be discovered in social science. So those who hoped to win fame as Newtons or Einsteins had better give up. The reason is that man has always known man well. He has only lacked desire and means of precisely stating his knowledge. What can come then in the way of laws are only formulations. These are "worked", not "discovered". The natural sciences today tend this way but social science has been thus, with deviations, since Aristotle. Perhaps there will for long be excitement in physical discoveries, for the mind does not quickly appreciate that a reformulation alone is involved, but in behavioral discoveries we sense immediately the commonness of the discovery.

Sunday, January 21, 1962

We know in two great civilizations the ultimate rise of the intellectual myth-bearers to supremacy in the status system, though connected with and perhaps subordinated to the kingly group, viz., the Hindu Brahmanism and the Chinese literati. Why has not the West produced an analogy? The priesthood of the middle ages? Not close enough perhaps. Must there be a complex society and a developing bureaucracy? Then will not present conditions produce such? Is the present aggressive role of science the beginnings of the new Brahmanism? Certainly, it is a bureaucratized intelligentsia that is developing.

January 23, 1962

The possibility of a legal language that is -- there is no reason, especially given the jargon of lawyers and courts, why a special efficient language cannot be invented for all legislation and court proceedings. The possibilities of this are manifested to me as I am translating the Italian law of atomic power and see how, though there is much repetitiveness, there are also unexplained and probably unjustified variations in wording, corresponding perhaps to humanistic or literary impulses and/or to slovenliness coming from nonrationalistic approaches (or not-sufficiently rationalistic approach) to the key raison d'être of legal language.

This new language can be all tied in with the quantitative studies of judicial opinion now occurring.

January 1962

A New Kind of Novel


Universal language

Universal meaning

Universal importance.

Christmas list 1961

Jill - Pajamas

Mom - candy and flowers

Mary - scarf

Printers - cookies

Bus - sox

Dad - winter undershirts and shirt

Judy comb, brush

Mailman, cookies

Cath - gold coin

Vic - sox

Lorraine - comb brush

Garbage man - cookies

Gus (Candide)

Ed Comb and brush

Stephanie - pin

Milkman - box handkerchiefs and wine

Vic (Comb, brush set)

Paul (belt, handkerchief, ties)

Erika - Record

John (belt, handkerchief, ties)

Julia - scarf

Carl (cards and chips)

Ted - gloves

Chris - Italian folk book

Janitor - sherry

January 1962 ?

Morals (as formulated in principles and in discussion [symbol exchanges]) are the sensing devices between the certainty of animals and the certainty of perfect rationality (or goodness).

January 1962 ?

Some come to history because they love the past, others because of some operational need. I am one of the latter type. I began my historical study to find the answer to a contemporary problem concerning representation (Public and Republic, 1949). I began a new historical work when I found some important operational problems of social science unanswered without a resort to history.

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