The Art Colony begins on May day with works of
MAB (Licia Filingeri),
Pietro Gaietto,
Ingbert Brunk, and
Chris Solomi on exhibition.

is already known to Grazian-Archive visitors through her masterful characterizations of the prose of Alfred de Grazia's "Forty Stases and Theses on World Government" in acrylic paintings.
Details of several of Pietro's work also have found their way into the Grazian Archive. Licia and Pietro are located at Genoa, Italy. Synopses of their life and careers are carried on the Archive as well. Their productivity is large and they have gone almost without publicity and promotion beyond Genoa, where they are well known. (We must except recent Ezra Pound cycle of Pietro feted at Rapallo, a 'hoot 'n holler' down the road from Genoa.)
The Grazian Archive is the first considerable exposure of their work. In time, more elaborate biographies and analyses of their art will be contained on the screens of the Art Colony. Old friends of the de Grazia's , the two artists collaborated in various endeavors of times past to stimulate interest in Primeval Sculpture. The basic volume on the subject was produced and published by Pietro, and is going to be presented as an adjunct to his contemporary productions.






(Licia Filingeri)

"Colombiana, 500 years"

"Tapisserie de Bayeux"

"Dents de Scie"

  Diverse works




Ingbert Brunk works and lives in an enormous studio of the old Ursaline school planted in the medieval kastro of the Island of Naxos, Greece, not far from the peninsula of Stylida where Alfred and Ami de Grazia dwell. When in Germany, his homeland, he is usually to be discovered in the town of Hargtsheim. Ingbert's projects begin with a wandering over the beaches, mountains and quarries of Naxos in search of the most beautiful natural stones he can find. Most, but not all by any means, are of marble, in the varying patterns and colors that marbles assume. Their size may vary from a hundred centimeters to two meters in girth. Their weight may vary from 15 kilos to 150 kilos. The artist conveys them then by donkey or truck to the path below his studio and then by enlisted manpower up the steep long flight of steps to his workplace. There he contributes the further shaping and sculpturing that fashions and completes their beauty and significance.

Chris Solomi is English of Cypriote descent who spent years in Naxos and has taken up permanent quarters for his sculpture at Pikermi, a farming community near Athens, neighboring upon the estate of Joan Winant Vanderpool, friend of Alfred and Ami de Grazia and former mother-in-law of Dr. Catherine de Grazia Vanderpool, American Director of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens and daughter of Alfred de Grazia. (By the way, she figures importantly in the War Letters of JILL AND AL ,q.v. on the Archive.)
Chris works in marble and metals. His bronze figure pictured here was carved and cast for an Australian businessman who has placed this sculpture in a garden North of Chicago, and has obtained and emplaced several other pieces of Chris elsewhere. Additional pictures of Solomi's work will be forthcoming.