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Chapter 8



A Special Studio has been established at the University for the study of the works of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky. During the summer of 1971 and for the first time the famous author of "Ages in Chaos", "Worlds in Collision", "Earth in Upheaval", and "Oedipus and Akhnaton" will conduct a full series of meetings on his theories. He will be assisted, in this unprecedented task, by Professor William Mullen, a classicist and translator of Pindar, and Professor David Carlyle, a physicist. In addition, Professor Livio Stecchini, historian of science, will contribute to the Studio activities. The Studio will continue throughout the year, with changing participants.

Among the topics of the Studio on Civilizations and Catastrophes will be: evidence of cosmic disasters in history, biology, geology, and astronomy; the stability of the solar and planetary systems; the effects on ancient civilizations of natural catastrophes; the crisis of chronology among Biblical, Egyptian, Etruscan, Babylonian, and ancient Greek authorities; pre-catastrophic human achievements in culture, measurement, and philosophy; the effects of the trauma of catastrophe upon the development of religion, customs, and the human psychology; predecessors to the work of Velikovsky; the methods and behavioral patterns of scientists in receiving, evaluating and disseminating new and inconvenient evidence and hypotheses; proposed techniques of confirming or disproving theories of ancient catastrophes) the analysis of data indicating prehistoric changes in the rotation, orbital motion, axial alignment and magnetic field of the earth; the natural history of the Moon, Venus, and Mars as currently amplified by space probes and manned space voyages.

Because of Studio limitations, only full-time enrollments in the Studio will be accepted. However, for the accommodation of other Members, a special extra studio program on these subjects will be arranged.


University Friends, who are Members of the University elected by the University Assembly because they are contributing work and other resources to the development of the University, are provided with a special studio. When they visit the University they may attend special conferences and consultations being held here. They may also visit another Studio of their choice while in residence. The Council of University Friends uses this Studio also as its headquarters in Switzerland. Studio Leader is Jean-Michel Beigbeder, MBA (Harvard), LLD (Paris), and Director General of Spencer Stuart et Associes. SA.


Scholars, artists, and others who are working on problems related to the general mission of the University and its studios are invited to become Members in residence at the University and are offered the Studio for Advanced Study as their headquarters. Faculty on leave from the University of the New World or from other schools are included in this group. The Studio is equipped as an ordinary studio for general studies and is tied into the regular University facilities.


In keeping with the University's self-imposed limit of 1500 Members at Sion, and with the University's mission of expanding revolutionary educational principles throughout the world, the Studio of Next Universities is established. Studio Leader is Alfred de Grazia, political scientist and Rector of the University. The aim of the Studio is to plan and to found the second, and subsequent Universities of the New World at sites in other countries and continents.

The methods of study employed in the Studio are numerous -- cultural, geographical, curricular, statistical, financial, etc. In fact, participation in Studio U-B is calculated to provide a broad liberal education, since practically every human consideration goes into the planning and operation of a new University of broad scope. Hence, membership in Studio U-B is considered the same kind of intellectual and active experience that is the aim of all studios. Although visits by all Members may occur, the Studio's members will be limited to those students and faculty who are destined to move out and found the next University of the New World. Upon their departure, Studio U-C will be organized.


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