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Chapter 10


The University Member has been defined as a student, a professor, and a Friend. The idea of a student requires further clarification. For the University of the New World a student is a person who is admitted to the University with one of the following programs in mind, or who decides upon it afterwards:

a) Study and action for their own sake, alone.

b) Study with credits that can be used for further study or careers.

c) A certificate on the completion of a project of substantial duration and merit. (For those who qualify and request it.) This will ordinarily be the outcome of a single studio, but it may be an inter-studio project under a single faculty member's supervision.

Some of the Certificates that are logical, given the capacity and facilities of the University are:

(1) Management

(2) Performing arts (specified in each case)

(3) Communication arts (specified in each case)

(4) Futuristics

(5) Language Proficiency (specified in each case)

(6) Rapport Group Leader

(7) Public Policy

(8) Touristic Industry

(9) Diplomacy and Negotiation

(10) Kalotic National Planning (that is, an applied set of designs for the reform of a given country)

(11) Other Certificates as approved by the University Assembly. d) Diploma: (For those who qualify and request it)

(1) Secondary School, for persons who have entered the University prior to receiving a secondary school diploma.

(2) Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree. For persons who have the equivalent of two years of an American college or the Lycee (Gymnasium) in Europe.

(3) B.A. and M.A. Degrees. Conferred upon evaluation and qualification equivalent to the same degree in American universities of the first quality.

(4) The Ph.D. Degree will be conferred by an ad hoc committee on subjects to be approved by the University Assembly. The disciplinary appendage to the Degree will pertain to the predominating

influence in the preparation for the Degree. In contrast to most conventional universities, the Degree of Ph.D. at the University of the New World can be obtained for distinguished achievement in research, scholarship, creative writing, creative art work, social or physical inventions, and creative philosophy.

Length of residence at the University will not determine the decision to confer credits or degrees. Term of membership will not be less than three months, in any event, with the exception of the Place-Poste Members, as defined below.


Place-Poste Members are persons who initially attend the University for periods of less than three months, who accomplish their studies and projects during a subsequent period by correspondence with appropriate studios of their chosen subjects and who, to complete their studies, return to the University and work in studio for a period that will make up at least a full three months. Thus, if a person resides at the University or in Valais and is in studio for three weeks, then pursues her work by correspondence for six months, at one-half time, then returns for three weeks in studio, then again proceeds by correspondence for another year, at one-half time, and finally passes six weeks at the University in studio, she may receive the equivalent twelve months residence in studio at the University. The formula is as follows for Place-Poste:

Place (In studio) Time = Same as Normal Residential Student

Poste (Off-campus) Time = Total Elapsed Time X Stipulated Intensity (which can be 1, 3/4, 2/4, or 1/4)

The "posse" cost is $175 per equivalent month. Example: Suppose a Stockholm doctor joins the University Studio on Modernization for 2 weeks in June. He returns home for 6 months, and joins his Studio again in January for 2 weeks. In Stockholm he works by posse for six months and then passes two months in Studio. He has undertaken one studio and contracted for quarter-time study because of his work obligations. He will have spent 3 months in studio, 12 months in correspondence studies and receives whatever credit (or certificate or diploma) he may request, on the basis of his other qualifications, for 6 months' fulltime study at the University. His costs will be correspondingly 12 x 1/4 x $175, that is, $525, plus $1500, or a total of $2025./

He applies, incidentally, just as any any person applies to the University, by mail or in person. He requests evaluation and accreditation just as any other Member would. More important is the fact that he can request an evaluation of his total achievement, elsewhere as well as at the University, and receive whatever documentary statement the Commission on Evaluation and Accreditation adjudges appropriate in his case. The same Place Poste system can be enjoyed by Americans, and all others who can or must or wish to do much of their study at home. It can be used by American school-teachers, for example, to complete an M.A. degree in fifteen months.


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